Natalee Caple Provides an Important Addition to Her Poetry Collection


Love in the Chthulucene (Cthulhucene) went to press in March 2019. I am so grateful for this book and so proud of the work of everyone at Wolsak and Wynn. I have one deep regret and my fantastic editor and publisher, Noelle Allen, is helping me to address that. In April of 2019, my incredible queer non-binary child came out to us. The poem “Love Letter,” in my book, which was my gift for Casey, therefore was printed with the wrong pronouns. As well, in the acknowledgements and in “Notes,” I refer to Casey as Cassius and this is wrong. They have always been and are Casey. I regret, I hate, that I committed Casey to public memory as different than they are because I am so grateful and thrilled with who they are. My queer non-binary child is a gift beyond poetry. I am so lucky and happy with both of my kids. Because of Casey and Imogen my life is literally and figuratively covered in sparkles.



I keep thinking that I’m nothing lots of support for fresh paint
brightened fear I can’t do what others do the numbers flip like thin
red plastic fish a 6 is the same thing as a 9 left is right it’s the other
right those looks I get when I forget everyone else has perfect recall
how to build a curriculum vitae matters but writing down visions to
make whole worlds for strangers that is rubbish

Munro wins the Nobel Prize and I spill coffee on my breast I cry
out and they run over already joyed what is it Mummy? I say this
woman won a prize for writing books that everybody reads they
scream I’m so stupid! I’m so stupid! roll up like a hedgehog in a
hole I made

The psychologist says they flirt when tested fall off the chair then
sit up say why don’t you tell me about you it’s hard to gauge what’s
in their mind but I think they will get along just fine she says when asked
why do policemen wear uniforms they answer so they won’t be naked
that’s right you know I tell her first thing at work is often but not
always don’t be naked

I found a card they wrote and hid inside their teddy’s shirt long bright
ascenders and descenders their name in eyelashes one symbol is as good
as the next in fact a note that looks like swearing is a love letter

Click here to visit the page for Love in the Chthulucene (Cthulhucene) to learn more about the book.

The press would also like to take a minute to thank Maggie Helwig and John de Jesus of Coach House Press, for helping us all to come together as a community to create a space which truly acknowledges Casey as who they are.